Eric English

Eric English has been taking photos and shooting video since he was a young child.  He has been fortunate to turn his passion into a profession. Eric has witnessed some of the world’s most memorable events through a viewfinder. 

Eric began shooting video professionally after graduating from the University of Florida in 1998 with a degree in Telecommunications.  He has won two Emmy awards, one of which he won for his time as an embedded journalist during Operation Iraqi Freedom. There, Eric provided footage of the invasion and also gained an exclusive first look at prisoners of war. Eric has since become one of the premier Multi-Media Journalists in the broadcast industry.

Throughout his career as a professional videographer, Eric has maintained a strong focus on still images.
Eric finds it a great challenge to capture the story in just one frame.  Freezing the action and suspending the moment often takes his photography far beyond a typical snapshot. Eric finds a release from the rigors of journalism outdoors, and balances out sometimes difficult images on the news with calm, serene, natural beauty.

In the past couple of years, Eric has elevated his imagery, incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). The unique perspective of flying over landscapes and cityscapes provides truly unique images.

From long treacherous hikes to winding bumpy dirt roads, Eric always goes a little further to get the shot. He has enjoyed traveling on photographic forays throughout the world and hopes you will enjoy his efforts.